"Auld Lang Syne"2012

Hi everyone seems like a bit of Magic was amidst been watching to much Merlin i fear.
Well hopefully all will be fixed now
Download Here :-


Joyeaux Noel

Hi Everyone
Happy to be back have a bright new kit for you "Joyeaux Noel"
Hope you all enjoy please leave feedback will be so much appreciated Thankyou Jen



Hi All My Dearest Friends
I have another little treat for you my new freebie is ready,this kit was requested by one of my dearest friends ,hope you all like and enjoy ,still looking for requests or ideas,please message me in DT or leave a comment HUGS!!!! Jeni
for DSA and CAP


Hi Again
New kit ready ,this kit contains
32 backgrounds
92 elements

Hawaii was done as a request, hope its what your looking for, was quite hard ,hope everyone has fun and enjoys using my new kit i would love to see some of the pages created

"Wedding Day Bootie"

Hi Everyone ,as most of you know i have had some hard times of late ,but i have finally managed to finish my new kit ,its called "Wedding Day Bootie" when i asked for suggestions a few of you requested a Wedding kit,so here it is hope it fulfills your requirements,enjoy and have fun everyone still interested in new suggestions for kits please leave a comment or message me 

Free Overlays

Hi Everyone a little extra surprise for you been playing around making overlays and decided to upload them for you to try please let me know what you think rewally need your feed back good or bad ,it helps me to get to know what people want ,Enjoy HUGS!!! Jenixx
Download Here:-


HI Everyone im ready with another freebie when i asked for ideas for my next kit this one was suggested by a few people and as that time is not far off i thought this kit would be most appropriate so here it is "Back 2 School" hope it is was you were looking for and i hope everyone enjoys using it ,if anyone got any suggestions for kits or other wise please let me know,i enjoy making kits for you but if i run out of ideas then i,ll have nothing to offer you so please mail me some input or leave it in a comment HUGS for everyone Jen
Download Here:-

Fun at the Beach

Hi everyone hope your all enjoying a fabulous Summer.Ive just finished my new kit and its available free to everyone using DSA or CAP.However although my kits are totally free i would appreciate some feed back ,i can take critisim or anything so please leave a comment either here or on DT thanks for your time and hope you enjoy my new kit HUGS!!!!! DOWNLOAD HERE:- http://www.4shared.com/file/Qq5TPP_p/Fun_at_the_Beach.html

Just For You

Hi and welcome back.
Yes i've been busy again and have another kit for you to download.The kit is called"Just For You"
and is available to download FREE for DSA and CAP just click on the link below hope you enjoy
click here for download:-

Fathers Day Kit

Welcome back everyone .With Fasthers Day coming up shortly thought i would create an appropriate kit so here it is Free as always and ready to download now for DSA and CAP
Download Here :- http://www.4shared.com/file/Uws75Whf/Fathers_Day_Kit.html
PLEASE if you like my work take a second or two to comment let me know what kind of kits you would like to see i enjoy making the kits but am running out of ideas HUGS! to all Jeni hope you all enjoy

Its a Miracle

Hi and welcome back.
i have a new kit available ,its a Baby kit called "Its a Miracle"
This kit contains :-22 papers
                           11 frames
                           78 elements
and is available now in pack files for DSA andCAP
Download here :-  http://www.4shared.com/file/wXL9LUCG/Itsa_Miracle.html?

Gardening Time

New freebie kit ready and available ,a little different this time ,everything you need for a bit of gardening,please feel free to leave a comment this is all i ask ,let me know what you think and what youd like to see in the future also things that may need changing anything at all i will appreciate your input have fun and enjoy my new freebies HUGS!! Jen xx
Click here to download for DSA

New Spring Freebie

Hi Everyone Spring is in the air and i'm happy to announce i have another freebie for you this ones called " Touch of Spring"hope you all have hours of fun .P.S please leave a comment on what you think and im interested on any suggestions let me know the types of things you want in your kits and i,ll do my best .
To Download this kit for C.A.P click here :-
To Download this kit for DSA click here :-
A New Freebie for you called "Mother". Trinkets and WordArts to help make those Mothers Day cards and pages etc
To Download for CAP click here :-
To Download for DSA click here :-
Hi Everyone
a new Freebie for you to enjoy this time a little different its a Freebie quickpage or quickframe .
Simply download the pack open in dsa or cap ,select the layout tab and apply the layout to your workspace
To use only the Frame Apply complete Layout to workspace ,then add required photo's ,remove background and or wordart and apply your own layout  Enjoy ...

To Download for DSA click here :- http://www.4shared.com/file/Bu5UDABF/Forever_my_Mother_2.html
To Download for CAP click here :- http://www.4shared.com/file/PL3riOw6/Forever_my_Mother.html
To Download in Zip Files click here :- http://www.4shared.com/file/X3wc7I_M/Forever_my_mother1.html
Two pages created entirely from my New Freebie kit "Sugar Plum " Download below
Hi everyone
Have a New Freebie for you today
to download DSA Pack file click here :-

to download zip file click here :-
Please leave a comment and let me know what you think or would like in the future
Hi everybody
Just wanted to let you know my Valentine kit "Be Mine" is now available in zip form as well as DSA pack files
CLICK HERE for zip file http://www.4shared.com/file/nlKYm9Sl/Be_mine.html

Be Mine

Here is my new freebie as promised
Download Here:-

Be Mine

Hi Everyone this is a page i made using entirely my new kit "Be Mine"i will be uploading the kit very shortly but for now the urge to try my new Craft Artist is too great check back shortly for my new freebie.

My Garden Overlays

Hi everyone
Just having a bit of a clearout ,here are some overlays i made from photos of my garden back in the summer
use them as backgrounds or just lay them over other backgrounds have fun .
just let me know what you think
Download here :- http://www.4shared.com/file/jaHBmed8/My_garden_overlays.html